Friday, November 18, 2011

Celebrating Life - All of It!

Frankly life gets in the way sometimes.  I meant to post here everyday when I first started my year-long- journey to become more healthy - to eat more wisely and to exercise more.  Then like always, I got off track.  Not with my eating so much, but with recording what I'm doing by journaling.

Relationships are critical to me and I know that.  Even though I may not know you personally, your input and words of encouragement are like gasoline on a fire to me.  That's how important you and this blog can be to me and my endeavour.   Imagine that.

Two things have happened.  First, I tore my miniscus (knee) and had to have minor knee surgery.  Because of that, I have  not been allowed to exercise (at least anything that moves my knee) and not even ride my horse.  Basically, I haven't been moving much.  Not moving is not a common thing for me.  I never stop...unless I'm forced to by an injury. That's happened a couple times before.

Keith Oliver didn't give up on me.  He has been so inspirational that I've begun to believe in myself and the ability I have to control how I feel and of course how I look.  During Keith's weekly visits we talk.  I've come to value failure and am beginning to use it as a learning tool.  That almost blows my mind.  I value failure????  Who does that?

My biggest failure has been in not writing down what I eat.  That's been a problem for me every single time I've tried to keep track of what I'm doing.  Keith pointed out to me that I also close my eyes when lifting weights and doing sit-ups. So, I close my eyes while exercising and stop writing down what I'm eating after a short period of time.  What does that mean?  I'm still working on the answer.

The other cool thing that's come to my mind is that I'm going to give up using my age as an excuse for having trouble losing weight.  Why?  Because even in the midst of all this down time that I've had, I didn't gain a pound. I may not lose weight as quickly as I did in my 20's and 30's and yes, even 40's but calories are calories. 

I am celebrating losing five pounds when I could have gained twenty.  I am celebrating eating mindfully and protein drinks.  In fact, there's not much I'm not celebrating right now.  Thank you God!!

I'm glad you stopped by to read my post.  Please leave your words of wisdom before you leave!