Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 3 - That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles!

Usually when I break down and eat cookies it's because I haven't eaten enough during the day.  At night I have found myself starving...well okay, not starving but I grab the first thing I can find that appeals to me and it's usually something sweet.  Cookies standing up and stuffed down fast are what my stomach knows and loves.

Today was a different story.  When I started my journey...a short three days ago...I ridded my house of food that I really didn't want to eat.  I figured I'd face a SWEETS dilemma sometime down the road, but I didn't expect it to happen so soon.  Of course I was wrong.  Go figure!

Just before noon my friend came over for lunch and brought all kinds of good things for a gigantic salad.  And cookies.  My first plan was to eat the salad and not eat a cookie.  I prepared the salad with the tenderness of a mother handling a newborn baby. I dressed it till it glistened.  Then I sat down and slowly chewed and swallowed one bite after another until I wasn't hungry anymore.

I put on a pot of coffee and savoured the scent of the roasted beans.   The steaming coffee made me remember the cup of coffee I had with Keith on Sunday. Someone handed him a piece of birthday cake.  "Are you going to eat that?" I asked.

"I don't deprive myself of anything," Keith told me.  "I just don't eat cake all the time."  Funny how some conversations are just meant to be. A wise dietitian had said the same words to me on more than one occasion. I thought of her too.

I handed my friend a cookie and took one for myself.  A steaming mug of coffee, a good friend, and a fudge cookie.  What a great way to have a special lunch.  I'm feeling fine!


  1. I know where you're coming from. I read somewhere that when you deprive yourself completely of sweets you break the diet sooner, but a reward, amply spaced, keeps you going in the long term:)

  2. Just a little here and there is needed I think.

  3. I went to johnstown flea market yesterday, what a great day to get some exercise in the sun! We also got treated to some great people watching, one of my guilty pleasures in life. There were two distinctly diffrent types of people wandering around the isles of the over 2000 vendors that were showing their wares, the first type were delighted to be enjoying the heat and realizing that it would be the last real summer day, the second type were constantly complaining about how hot it was. While the temperature did soar to a feverish 96 each time we got overheated we simply sat in the shade and had some water and fruit.
    I couldnt help but wonder if the folks that were bent out of shape about the heat were the same individuals that say "it's to cold" when winter arrives.
    Fit is the new fun! It allows us to adapt to a wider variety of conditions, therefore we are able to participate in a wider range of activities in almost any weather.
    Pain or uncomfortability comes right before growth happens, lets all practice stepping outside of our comfort zones, this is the place where we will meet the person we wish to become.
    We wont have to wait for that just right temperature shaving our actual fun time down to just a few "perfect" days a year and everyday can fill the memory banks with rich treasure.
    Jan, I did not smell roses at the event but I did smell gyros, and even though I dont normaly eat meat I took delight in the sloppy open sandwich filled with lamb. It tasted good, but mostly I was nourished in another way, I knew that this was the exeption and not the rule and that I am still able to be healthy while occasionally engaging in less than perfect nutrition.
    Thank you for the suggestion, keep em coming!