Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 4 - A Dinner-Out and Epiphany Too!

Okay.  Eating is eating no matter where I am.  Tonight we went to one of my favorite restaurants for our anniversary.  It occurred to me that when I'm eating out I always tend to eat mindfully.  I chose food that I like but I don't usually overeat.  I think I'm just the opposite of most people. I usually lose weight on a vacation....really. 
 I haven't been eating much meat over the past few days. I just didn't want any.  Instead I've been eating veggie burgers and other kinds of soy products.
Tonight I wanted meat so that's what I had.  I purposely ordered a steak.  I think it was between the crispy green salad and the perfectly-done steak tonight that I had an epiphany.  I eat well- planned and prepared food mindfully and I eat "junk" food mindlessly.  I seldom think about a handful of potato chips or a bite out of a piece of cake.  Those are the things I need to think about.  Those things matter.  And they really matter when I eat them late at night.
It is said that it takes a deep commitment to change and an even deeper commitment to grow. My year-long journey is all about changing and growing.  I sure hope I'm up to the challenge.  I have a feeling developing a lifestyle change is going to take more than just a little work.....


  1. I've been told that you develop a habit after you've done something for 30 days in a row. I've been thinking about that and then with reading your post I'm thinking if I concentrate mindfully on what I'm eating for 30 days it will become a habit and a way of life. I hope that makes sense.

  2. Great thoughts Jan! I beleive in you! I know that you will accomplish anything you want and focus on.

    I first became aware of "unconcious eating" the fist day that a kept a food journal.

    Many months ago I decided that to lose weight I needed all the facts about how many calories I took in, and how many that I put during a normal days activities.

    There are tools online that will give guidelines on how many cal. you should be eating and how many cal. that everyday activities and exercise burn.

    I noticed that the feedings that I "forgot" about were the most nutritionaly sabotaging.

    Not counting the cookies or chips leads to an empty container and another evening of regret.

    Its helpful to have a few backup plans when that "addict" behavior begins.

    First, drink a large glass of water. Many times when we feel hungry we are really dehydrated and our body is in need and calling for satiation. Our eating connections have been used often and are very strong. that thirst is mistaken for hunger, by drinking a glass of water we will hydrate ourselves or at least fill ourselves up so we are less likley to feel hungry.

    Second, I always keep a few packs of Extra or some other low cal gum on hand for those won't be denied cravings (especially at night)

    I will chew 1 or 2 peices at first, then if im still hungry I might chew 6 or 7 peices. A big mouthful of gum chewed until your jaw hurts will derail some of the most powerful urges to eat inappropriatly.

    Third, If i have a hard time nutritionaly in the daytime I will engage in 5 min. of quiet meditation, concentrating on the only thing that is required for me to continue living at this moment in time, my breath.

    Meditation can be done with your eyes wide open at your desk at work or in your car while driving, you can meditate while still or exercising.

    Meditation for our purposes is a clearing of thoughts and a refocusing on our true priorities. Start at the begining, breath....the rest seems to follow a natural realignment.

    If I have uncontrolable urges to eat inapproiatly after dinner and I have tried all of the other tools in my bag of tricks I simply GO TO BED! Its night, not time for eating but time for sleeping, this again seems to realign my wiring until morning.

    Morning time. Awakened with purpose to begin the day as mindfully as it's predicessor ended I will feed on an apple and oatmeal with some almonds.

    Another day full of possibilities awaits!

    Share some of your best coping mechanisms members!