Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 8 - Labor Day and Doing Swell!

Albert Einstein said, " Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”
I am sitting here imagining next year at this time.  I see myself glowing with good health and enjoying another Labor Day cook-out with good friends and family. 

It was a glorious day here.  Finally the temperatures dropped and the feeling of autumn in the air made me feel as light as the first leaves falling from the trees that surround the the farm where I board my horse.  It's nice to feel light...even if it's only my imagination  I have a picture in my mind and a goal in my heart.

Holidays are nice.  Not necessarily because of the food but because of the fun and company that goes along with the food.  Imagine that!  I just put fun and company in front of food!


  1. You set your goal...
    you will find the answers

  2. Good for you Jan! I have found that most gatherings are centered around food. If I am staying particularly rigid with my nutrition choices I find it difficult to attend these gatherings! I can tell that I still have some disfunction with eating because it causes me to avoid certain situations. I think it may be alot like an alchoholic going to a bar, they may at some point be able to go to a function held in a bar without drinking but this would be a long while after rehabilitation. I still attend social functions that are centered around food. I will rely on the coping mechanisms that I have worked for me in the past, I'm fine with where I am now, no negitive feelings attached to eating at all. Family and fun first may be the key mindset that I must embrace, thanks for making me think!

  3. Glad you had fun on the cook out. We went to Labor Neighbor Day, seemed larger then the last time we were able to attend both with art and with food. Bought a necklace and some hand made soap...I'll blog about those somewhere on the blogs. People were eating there way from booth to booth it seemed. Sometimes I think people eat for something to do. Gonna look around your blog a bit this am, before work and see if I can figure out the commenting problems you're having. For now, though I am here as me...partially to see both sides of it. (from Sandy's Space) In an effort to do some testing, I'm using the name and url function with a specific blog post, not the blog itself. Happens to be the most current one; but will test all portions.

  4. I am here now as you, commenting on your comments. Thanks Tweedles and Keith for your visits, and comments. Appreciate both. What I'm seeing signed in as you is the traditional default your name and google.

  5. I can in fact comment as you. I did see a few things in all your settings that could be changed; but wanted to test things for you first as you.

  6. here again, still as you. I've gone to my blog, Tweedles, and Granny's and have been able to comment as you on all 3, and I here after multiple tests, and things seem to be fine.