Friday, September 9, 2011

Days 12 and 13 - Surviving!

Keeping busy seems to help me not think about eating.  I do that a lot.  I think about eating.  Is this normal I ask myself?  I honestly don't know.

I have a hunch that normal eaters eat when they're hungry and they usually don't eat when they're not.  Sure, some planning goes along with eating but I honestly fantasize about sweet stuff.  Fruit is usually the last thing I think about when I'm thinking of sweets.  By this time next year, I want it to be the first.

So let's see.  Yesterday was stressful.  I had to spend a ton of money on the vet for my horse and then I found out that one of my three dogs is diabetic.  Unlike many people who eat when they're upset I don't.  I forget and then suddenly realize I'm hungry at midnight. Mindful is my goal. Being more mindful.

Today was fine.  Even though I was still upset about my animals (that I adore) I ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner....well dinner, sort of.  I boiled a head of cauliflower for dinner and ate that.  In the whole scheme of eating, that may not have been enough.  Right now I'm comfortable.  I really hope I don't gobble up the kitchen later on.

I'll let you know how the stove, refrigerator, and any other appliance that is not glued to the floor survives!


  1. You are not alone. Like you, it helps if I'm busy because then I'm not thinking about what I'm going to fix for dinner or a new recipe I want to try. When I start thinking about those things I'm immediately hungry. It's worse for me in Fall and Winter because I love, love, LOVE cooking and eating comfort food on chilly nights. Comfort food = lots of calories!


    Having a plan prior to eating is a very helpful strategy.

    I like to spend some quality time in the kitchen with my loving wife preparing a mindful meal. Taking time to sit and remain connected, showing appropriate attention during dinner to the things in life that I value most.

    Dinner preparations also include packing breakfast, midmorning snack, lunch and a after workout protein shake.

    This prepaving is a effective strategy to stay with my intention of healthful nutrition. These meals also keep me satiated throughout the day until the next time I am preparing dinner, and then the cycle starts over again.

    This technique will be economical, healthy, and preferred paths to the type of eating that we want to achieve.

    Thinking about eating and employing strategy is not weakness. Quite the opposite is true. Giving these important segments of our lives direction is pleasing to the mind and the body.

    While this may seem like a bit of effort, let me assure you that when we lay out our plan for the upcoming day and follow though with our intention for a extended period of time the results will be staggering!

    Some people are born with more willpower in certain areas of life than others are. While our neighbor may be strong with his or her nutrition, our will to write or have hobbies may be many times more motivated than theirs may be.

    Do not fret…even if your eating willpower is not up to par with focus and determination it can be as strong as or stronger than someone with natural ability has.
    Willpower is born in the frontal cortex of the brain. These brain functions preferred food source is glucose. Glucose comes from food. If we do not eat regular nutritious meals then our brain glucose levels begin to drop and we lose the ability to exercise the full function of our brains potential willpower.

    Eating mindfully includes some preparation and is highly rewarding.

    Then we will LIVE INSPIRED!

  3. Wrote a short tribute for September 11th 2011.

    The schedule read
    -Meeting with client; Rayburn Re: update
    ……..and then the paper began to slowly flutter like wings of a butterfly.

    Time seemed to stretch making this important document look as if it was a surreal film effect. This slow motion picture was accompanied by an eerie silence, and followed by the sensation of being sucked as if in some giant vacuum back into chaotic speeds of reality; the paper flies away.

    The sights and sound become frantic and horrific.

    The schedule is joined by a sea of important papers that were near knee high in some parts of ground zero. These anonymous documents that were lying on an executive’s desk a short time ago, are now scattered into infinity never to be thought of as priority again.

    Today, with tears, we remember.
    Today, we are thankful to be alive.
    Today, 10 years later, we will take time to prioritize what we hold as important.


  4. I want to talk about real life.
    Life that is not perfect.
    Life where you crave food as if it was some kind of loving feeling that you need.
    I never fanisize about sweets,,,, it just comes with emotions.
    Me- like you- do not eat if total upset,, but then later,, maybe that hershey barr will mend whatever has been wrong.
    A hershey bar works better than califlour.
    Did that califlour turn out to be enough?

  5. In high school I lived for years on diet coke,lettuce with one slice of cheese and vinegar, it was my go-to meal. My mother worked so she had no idea what I did.

    My mother is a wonderful cook, and family revolved around her food. I used to go to the bedroom and eat yogurt, and I would page through cookbooks and just look at the photos.

    I didn't know until I had grown into my thirties that what I was doing was wrong. I showed friends an old photo from when I was 21 and they thought I looked sickly. I thought I looked chic, but at the time I thought I was fat. Insane behavior, to say the least.I was neither chic nor fat, but I was unhealthy.

    Today, I am a curvy woman and I often get compliments for that. I realize that body that I resided in for years was not a healthy body, nor was my mind at ease. I can be fit and a good body weight without being too thin, I am not built like the six foot models I used to look up to.

    It is and will always be a lifelong struggle for me and many like me, and I appreciate this avenue to be able to reflect and grow from that struggle. I normally do not ever speak or include my past beahavior in my writing.


  6. Thank you for shareing!
    I also had a bad body image when I was a young man, looking back on those young photos I see a vibrant youth in great shape, alas I always thought of myself as fat.

    My Mother was a very rotund woman at her max she was about (im guessing) 400-500lbs at 5' tall this weight was debilitating for her.

    While my Mom was one of the most careing and loving people I have ever know, she simpley did not love herself.

    She was not able to teach me something that she did not know and from that I developed eating disorders, mostly purging.

    I was, however, a very athletic boy, and when I began to play sports I found out in order to get strong some athletes will "bulk up" to gain strenght,
    Bodybuilders also employ this strategy before entering a "cut" phase that manipulates their physioligy until they are stage ready (I subscribed to all the bodybulding mags when I was a kid)

    This "bulking" allowed me to feel good about unleashing the food "addict" that I was growing into. When I did actually start to get fat, I lied to everyone and myself, saying Im just in a bulking phase.

    This must have sounded ridiculous to anyone who knew me well because that phase went on for many years.

    The key then, and now is to love who we are and move mindfully towards who we want to become.
    I have learned that I am perfectly imperfect and I have acuired the skill that may come naturally to some to accept the "now" of who I am.

    Lets all begin to practice loving ourselves. Others in our environment will see this shift and it will allow them to love us more and we will feel greater depths of love and appreciation for all that we truly hold dear.


  7. I was just reading Keiths last comment and while I think that I love myself I think I ignore myself when the going gets tough. It's easy for me to help others and it's easy for me to focus on writing or my animals or even competing with my horse. It's not so easy to settle down and focus on food. The very essence of what keeps my body fueled and healthy. I think Keith struck a chord that needs to be visited and revisited......Jan