Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Days 17 and 18 - That's What Friends Are For....

I talked to Joani, my longest and best ever friend friend yesterday.  I knew she read my posts from time to time but didn't know how much she really kept up with what I was saying.  It's interesting and somewhat significant that I had taken time to really pray about my difficulty on Monday or Tuesday.  I prayed and then I forgot I prayed.  What I do remember is the conversation I had with God.  "Please show me why I continually sabotage myself when it comes to eating," I said to Him. " Maybe if it becomes clearer to me I can deal with my issues and stop jinxing myself."

I don't know if you believe in answered prayers or not but I do.  I just never expected it to be answered in the form of Joani.  In a quick phone conversation with Joani yesterday she said several significant things.  First of all she pointed out that Keith is a genius.  I'm going to go back and read all his comments because I agree with her.  Then she talked about the issue my mom had with my body...that I now know was not all bad.  WhatJoani said made sense.  I want her to repeat what she said so I don't take it out of context or misspeak.  Maybe she'll have time to leave a comment. But, my point is this, sometimes the answers to our problems are so close we can't see them.  Joani was the answer to my prayer and I can't wait until this weekend when I can talk to her more.  Keith too.


  1. Awesome! Prayer is always answered, just not always the way we like it to be. Gloria

  2. I am nourished from your frienship. Thank you for your kind words and for the articles that you post.

    I check a few times a day to see if you have come up with any new remarks.

    Your effort has inspired me to write, it feels good to flush out my perspective on issues.

    Now more than ever I am seeing a book come into focus.

    Thank you freind. I will eagerly await your next submission.